At Amsterdam Boutique Apartments you're guest in our private canal house.

Because you're our guests we're available for concierge services every day from 9:00- 21:00. We'll be happy to help you out with your special needs and (dinner) reservations.

Please be advised that Amsterdam tends to be VERY busy during the weekends and that good restaurants are likely to be fully booked upon your arrival. We do advise to get in touch with us before you arrive.

Please download our Digital Concierge for our personal recommendations on food, drinks, attractions, tours and other useful information. It will give you direct answers to some of your questions. Don't forget to download the map when installing the app. The built-in map with navigation has a bring me back to the hotel function which is just aweasome as it doesn't use any roaming.

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Passcode: 2450

Planning to visit museums?

Avoid waiting lines and order your tickets for

Anne Frank House

Other museums/Atrractions